Gallipoli Campaign

Gallipoli Facts

Gallipoli Campaign

Anzac day occurs every year on the 25th April.From 1915 till now we have been celebrate ANZAC day . It is a very special day we celebrate it because many people were forst to go to the war and some of them were 16,17,18 years old.Many young people were forst to go to war back in 1917 mail men were coming to tell men that they will be going to war.More than 67 million people (mostly men) on both sides were mobilised between 1914 and 1918. Of these, just over half were killed, wounded, listed as missing or interned as prisoners-of-war (POWs).Damaged cities and towns were repaired.
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Gallipoli men

The men who are going to war to fright for our country and to win.One of the man's name was Athur Thomus Walker.

Information about our brave ANZAC

People wear the Anzac's medals and march down the main streets to remeber our brave Anzac's.

Landing at Gallipoli

The Anzac's landed on Anzac cove when they were mean't to land on the other side.The army boats were pulled by steam boats to give them power to move instead of them rowing.The Anzac army corps got to Gallipoli in 1915.

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Map of the Anzac's

This is a map of Gallipoli and you can see the Anzac's

Countries that were in the ww1


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