Child Labor

By: Logan Kinney

Child working in a textile mill

This is a picture of a small child fixing a broken thread in a textile mill
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Jobs children did in factories

  • Children worked in textile mills by fixing broken thread in dangerous places under machines.
  • Children were also worked in coal mines by pulling carts full of coal to the surface.
  • Children were also chimeny sweeps which is an adults job.
  • In factories children fixed the machines because they were small enough to fit under thr machines to fix them.

This is a boy pulling a cart of coal

A group of boys pulling a heavy cart of coal to the surface of a coal mine.
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Hours, Food and working conditions

  • Children as young as six would work in factories.
  • Children would work up to nineteen hours a day with only one one hour break.
  • Children were beaten if they did not do their job fast enough.
  • Children were given little to no food in factories.

This is a picture of a boy missing a hand

When the boy went under the machine to tie the thread his hand was cought in it while he was crawling out
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Accidents that often happened

  • Chidren would go to fix a broken thread and the machine would be turned on befor they got out and could cut off limbs
  • In coal mines children could die from lack op oxygen an sufficate
  • Child chimeny sweeps couldfall down in a chimeny or even off of it.
  • And in the factories children would loose fingers if they were not fast enough to get out of the way of the machine.

This is a child being whiped

This is a oicture of a child being whiped by the shift mannager
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Punishment children faced

  • Punishment for children in factories was cruel and unusual punishment
  • Children were whiped by the shift mannager if they were to slow at there job
  • The parents could not complain because then the child would be fired and the family needed that pay check
  • Many people did not know this went on until their children came home with bruises all over them

People protesting

This is a group of people protesting on child labor
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Efforts to improve/stop child labor

  • Factory owners loved child labor because the belived it was good for the economy but they just wanted more profit
  • The child labor laws changed to nine -thirteen years of age could only work eight houres a day
  • Children 14-18 were not allowed to work more than 12 hours a day
  • And children under the age of nine could not work anymore in 1833