Merry Christmas!

+ Art SMASH Concert Reminder

Parents and students,

I hope your holiday break has been restful and memorable so far! I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all happy holidays and a very merry Christmas.

Looking toward the new year, the 6th grade focus students will be performing our first-ever Art SMASH Concert on Thursday, January 7th at 6pm - call time is 5:15 for strings focus students. Students are performing in their focus area only.

For strings focus students, attire is black top/black/bottom/dark shoes. Strings rotation students will need to refer to their focus teachers for instructions (you will not be performing as a strings rotation!). Remember that this is for 6th grade students only, but we would love to see 7th and 8th grade students support!

Mandatory rehearsal is scheduled for Wednesday, January 6th from 3-5pm. Bring a snack. Because the rehearsal and performance dates were listed in the ACTS handbook, they are graded and required. Missed rehearsals or performances, excused or unexcused, will require students to complete an alternate assignment. Keep in mind that nothing truly makes up for being present and performing as an ensemble - we are a team that needs all its players!

Feel free to take a look through the pictures below that were taken during this nine weeks. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Help a-"cello"-rate our program!

Rather than enlist students to participate in a cookie dough, wrapping paper, or any other kind of fundraiser this year, we are hoping to raise funds on DonorsChoose for the purchase of a brand new cello. Please read more about it at the link below. Any amount will help us. Thank you in advance!
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Please share this link with friends, family, and anyone else that knows the lifelong value of music education. Thank you!