Quizlet in Your Classroom

What is Quizlet?

  • Quizlet is a study aid.
  • It's based on the idea of flashcards or notecards.
  • There are tools that can save you and your students time and energy while encouraging study outside of class.
  • Take me there!

The Basics

  • Quizlet uses sets of flashcards.
  • You can use existing sets or create new ones.
  • To find existing sets, search for your topic or textbook title and chapter.
  • To create a set, click, "Create a Set."
  • You can use an existing set and edit it.
  • Add pictures, audio, or use auto-define.

My Favorite Tools

  • Flashcards
  • Printable list - Great for students needing a copy of class notes.
  • Test - Create a different test quickly and easily. Can be printed, too!
  • Games - students scores can encourage competition.
  • Export - Export the data directly into Excel to quickly create assessments.

Make it your own!

  • Create an account.
  • Create classes. (You can have separate classes for subjects or sections.)
  • Have students create an account and join your class.
  • Add your own sets, use existing sets, or find a set and edit it.

Free Apps

  • There is a Quizlet app in Google Play and Apple Store. Yes, they are free!
  • When students join your class, the app gives them quick access to your content with or without an internet connection.