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Welcome to ITF Inspirations!

First edition and hopefully not the last! My goal is to give you ideas that you can use in your own newsletters, tools and strategies to help you be better coaches, and celebrate our successes. And because we are often the cheerleaders of others, I want this to be a place to encourage you to keep up the great work you are doing in your schools!

Coaches Corner

Instructional Coaches Toolbox

This is a great resource I found that helps you provide appropriate questioning based on what the teacher is struggling with. For example, if the teacher lacks content knowledge, try asking, "How would increasing your knowledge of ____ change the way you approached this lesson?".

The Pencil Metaphor

I love this graphic that shows how different teachers respond to technology. As you look at your staff, can you identify who falls into each area? How do you vary your strategies based on their bias toward technology?
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Instructional Coaches in Action

Check out this video from Teaching Channel that shows an actual coaching interaction. Check out the guiding questions on the side of the video - these apply to many of us! I thought this was a great introduction to what coaching interactions can look like.

Motivational Moments

Jimmy Fallon reads My teacher is weird tweets
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  • Tara became Level 1 Google Certified!
  • April learned how to use Pivot Tables
  • Damien was selected to present at the SC EdTech Conference
  • Happy Birthday this month to Tara (Oct. 13), Lauren (Oct. 13) and April (Oct. 26)!

Cool Ideas to Share

Halloween Magnetic Poetry

Check out this Google Drawing Halloween magnetic poetry board. This could be a fun station for an ELA classroom, a creative writing station for a foreign language, or an introduction to poetry for lower grades.

20 Books by Teachers for Teachers

Looking for some fall reading over break? Want to do a book study with a small group of teachers? Want to do a virtual book discussion for PD? Try some of these suggestions!

Questions that Promote Thinking

This list is geared toward math - but I think it could be easily adapted for any subject area. If you have teachers struggling with asking higher-level questions, consider having them make a paint chip selection of questions attached with a binder ring with their favorite questions.

Frayer Model for Stations

This is a great article showing different ways to do Frayer vocabulary organizers in a station style setup. It is easily adaptable to multiple subject areas! The second link is for a Google Slides Frayer model that April created!

Cool Tools for You

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