All About Me

By Isabella

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Hi I'm Isabella and today I'm going to tell you a bit about me and my family

My Family

I have three brothers Samuel (5), Patrick(3) and Oliver(2) I also have a little sister named Addison(8 weeks). My Mum Nicky is a teacher. She works at Balgownie Public School. My Dad Ben is a construction manager and works in Sydney.


I do singing on Mondays and Wednesday. During the year I also sing in Eisteddfod's and perform at fetes and charity events. On Saturday mornings I do acrobatics.

My favourite colour is light blue and I love kittens.

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My Interests

My favourite subject is literacy and English because I love to write and spell! I also like some types of sports: Netball, Handball, swimming and a couple more. I love music and my favourite artist are Jessie J and Delta Goodrem. I love singing!

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My Dislikes

I don't really like soccer or dancing lessons and I'm not a big fan of maths or science


I do singing 2 days a week and acrobatics I day a week. I do acrobatics on a Saturday and I do singing on a Monday and Wednesday.
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Thankyou for listening 3/4D.
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