Eleanor & Park

Ashlyn King


Eleanor and Park met on the way to school on the bus when she was new and nobody would let her sit down. Park offered a seat next to him but he was embarresed of her. He finally saw that she was into comics and the same music as him and soon became friends. They are totally different people that come from different backgrounds but realize that they have a lot in common. Later on in the story, they form a realationship but many obstacles come there way.

List of Characters

  • Park
  • Eleanor
  • Tina (Enemy)
  • Cal, Steve, Mikey (Parks bestfriends)
  • Mrs. Douglas ( Eleanors mom)
  • Richie (Eleanors step-dad)
  • Ben, Mouse, Maisie (Eleanors siblings)
  • Beebi and DeNice (Eleanors friends)
  • Mindy (Parks mom)
  • Jamie (Parks dad)
  • Mrs. Dunne (Gym teacher)
  • Josh ( Parks brother)
  • Eleanors grandparents
  • Mr. Sanderhoff (History teacher)
  • Mr. Stressman (English teacher)

Charater Analysis for Eleanor

Trait 1: Awkward

Doesn't want to make friends or talk to anyone; First day of school getting on the bus, didn't sit down just stood in the isle like waiting for someone to tell her to take a seat.

Trait 2: No confidence

Doesn't think anyone likes her because she doesn't like herself; Wears baggy clothes and doesn't put any care into what she looks like.


"Big and awkward with crazy hair, bright red on top of curly, and she was dressed like... like she wanted people to look at her. Or mayber she didn't get what a mess she was. She had on a plaid shirt, a man's shirt, with half of dozen weird necklaces hanging around her neck and scarves wrapped around her wrists. She reminded Park of a scarecrow or one of the trouble dolls his mom kept on her dresser. Like something that wouldn't survive in the wild."


Don't judge someone from the way they look because you never know what somebody is like until you truly get to know them.

Important Event

When Eleanor is wanting to run away and Park helps by driving her away from home.


I would recommend this book to people who like romantic drama and probably for highschool ages.