Earning the Learning

Drew Elrod

Professional Development

Through this professional development webinar I learned numerous advantages and techniques of using iPad's in the classroom, particularly for special needs students. The iPad provides an opportunity for collaboration among all students and creates an engaging learning environment. Content creation and personalized stories are excellent tools to promote individual learning and expression. This webinar provided valuable information on how to implement iPads into your classroom.

Additional Resource 1

This site provides a unique view on iPads in the classroom. Instead of viewing iPads as an avenue for games and apps the teachers discussed in the article geared their use toward video, audio recording, and multimedia student notebooks.
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Additional Resource 2

This web link provides numerous tools for teachers looking to implement iPads into their classroom. Links range from tutorials, app evaluation guides, activities, presentation possbilities, special needs opportunities, and assessments.
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Additional Resource 3

This web link lists 17 important reasons why teachers and school systems should encourage, allow, and assist students in using iPads in the classroom. The key reason that stands out in my mind is that is allows students to take control of their own learning.
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