Jeff Daniels for president!

By Ruben Reynoso

Who is Jeff Daniels?

Jeff is a former citizen of the United states and resides in Washington D.C. He is 43 years old and has a wife and three kids. Jeff grew up in Chicago Illinois and attended Harvard University and majored in Politics and buisness. He is a very loyal and humble person with a great attitude. He values education a lot and he values life. He really has big plans to turn this country around and make it the greatest country in the world just like it use to be.

His Story

Jeff grew up in a family of six. His family barely managed to feed the stomaches of him and his five brothers. At age eight Jeff and his family lost their home and had to live with his grandparents in a croweded home for as long as he could remeber. Jeff was always a easy person to get along with and always thought quite mature at such a young age. Unlike his brothers Jeff really enjoyed school and becoming educated. By the age 17 Jeff was offered a full ride scholarship to Harvard university where he attended for four years. Jeff has always known srtuggle which makes him have a better perspective on things in life which leads to him better understanding the people of this country.
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Why him?

Well why not him? Jeff doesn't sugar coat anything he is honest and this is what we want don't we all want a president who is forward with us? Arent us Americans sick and tired of being lied to? We demand to know the truth and Jeff is the truth. He knows that America is not the greatest country and he knows our strengths and weaknesses. He knows the problems and he lets the people know them and I believe that he will actually try to fix the problems. How often do you see someone point out the faults of our country instead of making it seem as if nothing is wrong when a lot is wrong.Jeff does not lean towards any specific party he seems to be in-between he is for whatever is right and whatever works. This means he isn't going to swing to a specific party or be biased which makes it fair for us Americans who are either republican or democratic or in-between.

My interview with Jeff.

Me: What do you plan for our country if you become president?

Jeff: Well I plan on fixing every problem we have here wheter it be poverty or our education for our future generation. But even if I am not president I still plan on fixing these problems.

Me: Thats great Jeff, I personally really do believe you are the best candidate to fill in the position as president of the United States.

Jeff: Why I am honored thank you so much I really do hope I become president because I am going to be 100% totally honest with the people and make our country live up to its name.