Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Tradition

In 496 A.D. Christianity had taken over Rome. The pope prohibited the Valentine's Day festival, but knowing it's popularity, he replaced it with something more appropriate and set aside a day in February to honor the martyr St. Valentine.


Roses were sacred to Venus who is the Goddess of Love it evolved into a tradition where people expressed their love for one another with flowers.

Floral Industry Trends

  • Of fresh flower purchases only, Valentine's Day ranks No. 1, capturing 36% of holiday transactions and 40% of holiday dollar volume.
  • Valentine's Day the No. 1 holiday for florists.
  • transactions= 20%

Red Roses 63%

Mixed Flowers41%

Roses (not red)27%

Plants 22%

Other type of flower30%

25% of adults purchased flowers or plants as gifts for Valentine's Day 2013. of those 64% were men and 36% were women.