Fall 2018 Courses

Krause Center for Innovation at Foothill College

Fall Courses at the KCI

For step-by-step instructions to sign up for any of our courses, please go to: http://krauseinnovationcenter.org/classes/fasttech-sign-up/

LINC 98 (CRN 22477) - Teaching/Learning in the DIgital Age (1 unit)

Learn how to use the EduProtocols with your students to improve teaching and learning immediately. This course begins on 10/24 and ends on 11/21. This class is taught by Dr. Steve McGriff and is completely online.

LINC 60K (CRN 22210) - Game Based Learning (1 unit)

Get your game on with our game-based learning course! Learn how to incorporate gaming into the classroom. This course runs 10/22 through 11/18. This class is taught by Cate Tolnai and is completely online.

LINC 75A (CRN 22651) - Introduction to Instructional Design & Technology (3 units)

This introductory online-only course in IDT is for students, teachers, educators, and trainers who want to know how to create technology-based educational or training materials and resources for school, college, or business settings. This course begins 10/29 online through 12/9.

LINC 82B (CRN 22205) Developing Instructional Materials (3 units)

Focus on refining the skills needed for making digital media for education or business learning contexts. Students interested in the study of instructional design will rapidly design, develop, and evaluate presentations, infographics, posters, digital resources, multimedia, and web sites for particular learning styles. This online course runs 11/2 through 12/13.