HBBC Youth News

April 2016


The weekly newsletter has been created to keep you guys informed on the events the youth have planned. I will be sending newsletters out monthly to update you so you stay in the loop.

Youth Campfire Meeting- May 6 @ 6:30pm

Come join us around the campfire Friday night, May 6, and enjoy hot dogs, smores and all the campfire goodies. While you're there sign your child up for youth camp and we will answer any questions you may have. Come and go as you please.

Set up for Rummage Sale- May 28

We will be setting up for the rummage sale on Saturday, May 28, (time coming soon). Youth, need you there to help earn $$ for your camp.

Rummage Sale- May 29

Please be in attendance at the rummage sale. We need all hands on deck. The more you sell the more $$ you get.

Youth Camp- June 6-10

Join us at the campfire meeting for more details.


Robby- 409.594.0707 robbytom81@yahoo.com

Lacy- 409.594.0832 lacy.hargrave@yahoo.com