Jim Stark

By: Kortnie Filter


He is violent. I can tell he is violent when he punches the desk, gets into fights. His violent nature is brought on by people calling him chicken or just calling him names.

He is also brave. I can tell he is brave when he jumps out of the car while he is playing chicken, kisses Judy on the head. Also, when he goes into the planetarium to get Plato. And Plato has a gun so he is brave by facing his friend that could possible shot and kill him.


Jim is a rebel because he does as he wants like he makes a difference in the way Judy acts. Also, he knows that if he proves himself to be brave he will get the respect that he wants.


Jim changes throughout the movie by becoming a more caring person. He becomes like a protector to Plato when they are at the mansion. Also, he becomes more social towards the end of the movie.

Easter Holiday

On Easter Jim is at the police station because he was drinking. When his family gets there they are arguing over the stupidest stuff. That i believe is why he was drinking that night.


I think the lesson in the movie is that everybody has their strengths and their weaknesses. You can learn from them. Also, that the outcasts can become strong together then when they are by themselves.

Whose family situation do you think is the worst and why?

I think Plato's family situation is worse. Because his father left him and his mother is hardly around. He has a maid that cares for him deeply, but she can't seem to stop him from causing harm to other living things.