Counselor Introduction

Welcome Back to OKE 2023-2024

Counselor Information

Things to know: School Counselors are to provide access to comprehensive program that advocate and affirm all students from diverse populations. We design and deliver school counseling programs to improve student outcomes (classroom lessons, small groups, one on one, advocacy, etc).

During the first two weeks of the new school year, we will administer the Introduction to School Counselors to better equip the students will having access to the counselors, knowing the process of requesting to see the counselor, and meeting the counselors for the new SY2023-2024.

What we do: apply academic achievement, manage emotions, apply interpersonal skills, plan for postsecondary options, short term school counseling, advocate for students at individual educational plans, collaborate with families/teachers/administrators/community for student access.

What we do not do: handle/administer discipline, long-term mental health counseling services, building master schedules, maintaining student records, serving as data entry clerk, and keeping your student for an equal academic achievement.

We are not Guidance Counselors, but School Counselors. We are not superhuman, but human. We do not wear capes, but we do love some good cake! Let's make this a great school year.

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Meet our MHWF

My name is Ms. Holmes, and I am the Mental Health & Wellness Facilitator (MHWF) at Oakland Elementary. I have over 20 years of experience collaborating with students, families, and the community. I am honored to serve as the MHWF, as I will be implementing staff wellness activities, serving as a trainer for teachers with less than one year of teaching experience and assisting with implementing a positive school climate and culture. I will be very visible in the building and in the community. I am a people person, so feel free to let me know how I can assist you with making your day little lighter.

Social Worker: Anderson

Meet our Social Worker: Deborah Anderson, School Social Worker for Oakland Elementary School. When individuals experience trauma or severe stress it is not uncommon for their lives to unravel.

My great passion is assisting students and families with support services who are experiencing stressful and unique events in their lives.

I help students and families receive support services with housing, financial assistance, homelessness, domestic violence, conduct home visits, address attendance concerns, consult with teachers and administrators on behalf of students and families, and provide community resources and collaboration with other professionals in the community to advocate for students and families.

My educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, a Master’s Degree in Social Work. I also have a Educationalist Specialist Degree (Ed. S.) Additionally I am also a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW).

First Day of School

Wednesday, Aug. 2nd, 7:30am

551 Highway 81

McDonough, GA

Mentoring with the Counselors

Please contact the Director, Mrs. Chelsey Brown and Co-Coordinator, Mrs. Warren if you have any questions or concerns. More details to follow. #youngladiesofdistinction

Please contact the Director, Mrs. Barnett and Co-Director, Mr. Pugh if you have any questions or concerns about the boys mentoring group for OKE. More details to follow. #youngmenofdistinction

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