Double Major in Criminal justice and Sociology at Marshall

Double Major

I plan on going to college for a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Criminal Justice is the system of governments directed at upholding social control. Sociology is the study of groups of people and social problems. Why i wanted to complete these majors is because the FBI is an organization in the Criminal Justice system, so majoring in Criminal Justice will give me an inside look at what to expect and will give my a broad understanding of all the organizations. Working in Criminal Justice you are always communicating with people whether it be interrogatting, arresting, or just trying to resolve a siuation. Sociology would give you an understanding to how people think and how best to handle them.

What College?

I have been looking at alot of colleges but the main college i would like to go to is Marshall University. Marshall is located in Huntington, West Virginia. This college has great programs in Criminal Justice and Sociology which is what has drawn me to it. It offers many majors and has a beautiful campus. Marshall also offers alot of sports teams and clubs. An interesting fact is that Marshall actually has a movie about its Football team.
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What to do on Campus?

Marshall offers alot of on and off campus activities. The college has Fraternitys and Sororitys that offer activities for the members of there organizations. But the whole campus also offers things for all of there students. The college has a international feast where there is food, music, and dance from other countries. They have a homecoming dance every year just like highschool. Then there is CAB (campus activity board) which holds several events including movie shows, bowling, and going to water parks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activites and programs are offered at this school?

Student Activites/College Activites Board (CAB events)

-New movie showings


-Comedy tours

-Water Park

-Mini golf

Massages (free)


Why are you condidering this college?

I am considering this college because it has great programs in the degrees I would like to pursue.

What may people not know about this college?

In 2006 a movie was made about the college called "We are Marshall". The movie is based of a true event in 1970 when a plane crash killed 37 football players, 5 coaches, 2 athletic trainers, the athletic director, 25 boosters, and the crew. It tells the story of how the school came back and started a brand new football team and how the school came together.

Where is this school located? What is the school Motto?

-Huntington, West Virginia

-We are Marshall

What do you plan on doing with this major?

I plan to get a job with the FBI.

What kind of internships can you take on?

To get to the FBI you have to start at the bottom, so i would have to work for a police force and then move up in rank.

Who should consider majoring in this?

People that are interested in protecting or serving people would be a good choice to pursue this career. Also if you are good with a gun (not trigger happy).