Biddeford Center of Technology

September 14, 2022

Dear Parents, Students, and Families,

We are off to a good start at BRCOT as we open up the 2022-23 school year. I hope to write to you once a month to keep you informed of our events and share the many successes we envision for our students. This will include important academic program updates and events. We will also highlight a different BRCOT program, celebrate our AM and PM students of the quarter, and share any updates pertaining to school and post-secondary opportunities.

Student schedules can be a confusing experience for students and parents. BRCOT receives students from several different high schools and each school has its own schedule independent of our own. The morning session is from 8:30-10:40 which means students need to be in the classroom by 8:30. The afternoon session begins at 12:35 and BHS students are dismissed at 2:45 while TA, OOB, and Massebesic are dismissed at 2:25 to catch the 2:30 bus. Arrival times by sending schools vary due to bussing by the sending school.

The first two weeks can feel chaotic with bus schedules and potential class changes and we know it improves with time. If you have questions about your child's schedules at BRCOT, you can always contact your sending school guidance counselor or Holly Scribner at or 207-282-1501.

Please call our office at 282-1501 to inform us if your child will be absent on a given day or if they need to be dismissed. Office staff will communicate the message to your child regarding dismissals from COT. We need a parent or legal guardian to make the call, not a sibling or friend of the student. Sending schools do not notify us if your child is absent. In addition to accounting for students, in the next few weeks and throughout the year, we will practice evacuation and safety drills. We have been fortunate not to have experienced an emergency incident but we need to be prepared in the event we are faced with an unfortunate situation.

Please save the date as we will host an OPEN HOUSE on September 22 from 4:30-6:30. You will be able to meet your child's instructor and see our learning environment firsthand. We are planning for the Open House to be in-person this year.

As we begin the new year, we look forward to knowing your child and you. You can also expect individual instructors to reach out to you and your child. Teachers should also be sending you an invitation to join their Google Classroom. You will be able to see students' expectations, assignments, etc. in the GC portal. Infinite Campus is the portal used that holds grades and attendance. Communication is important and please do hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our phone number is 207-282-1501.

Kind regards,

Paulette Bonneau, Director

Kim Bennett, Asst. Director

Upcoming Dates:

September 14th-Early Release Schedule at COT: Sending school bus pick-up times vary but the last dismissal is at 12:25.

September 22nd, 4:30-6:30 Open House

October 7th: No School for students; Teacher Professional Development Day

October 10th: No School in observance of Indigenous People Day

October 13th: FAME Financial Aid Assitance Session; Save the Date and more details to come.

Access to Infinite Campus

Infinite Campus Grade Portal

1. Go to www. or Link or parents can access through a QR code at:

2. Click on Campus Student

3. Student Username is: Student Number, not Personal ID or State ID number. The Student ID Number is usually found under their birth date. It has 5 numbers
Password is: First name initial, Last name initial, Date of Birth. For example, if a student was born on September 9, 2004, they enter ts090904

4. If this fails, please contact Jeani Reagan at 282-1501 or at

5. If you are a BHS student, the school designation (upper right bar) from BHS to

COT, or you will not see COT grades.

Note: If a student/parent forgets their sign-on information,

after a few attempts you may get locked out. If this happens,

contact Jeani Reagan (282-1501) for a reset.

BRCOT Course Catalog

22-23 Course Catalog