Springing Back 2014

Origami Owl Spring Launch 2014 PRODUCT REVEAL

From my desk to yours

Hi girls!

The product reveal meeting was AMAZING! At first, I was in awe by how all the designers walking thru the door & their friendly faces. Everyone was talking and getting to know everyone- it was TRULY special!! We even did the WOBBLE! lol which was super fun!! Chris the only "MOO" there, was asked to come forward to recieve a new Spring TOM!!! (Which made us excited!!) Wait until you see it!! Oh my gosh our customers old and new are going to be so excited!! You are going to be excited at all the new designs, I would even suggest throwing a Spring party/get together just to have friends/family see the new items. Hey.. it could turn into a Jewelry Bar without you trying at all! **See the link below from the FULL Spring Launch meeting for those who could not attend (Password: springlaunch)

Don't Forget! The Nest Webinar- TONIGHT

Monday, March 10th, 7pm

This is an online event.

Private webinar for desingers only thru your back office.