MARCH 2016

Center Aim

-Scott Loehr

District teachers are continuing their work on the upcoming adoption of English/Language Arts curriculum for kindergarten through grade 12. K-8 teachers participated in publisher presentations, narrowing down the curriculum selection to Wonders by McGraw Hill and Journeys by Houghton Mifflin Hartcourt. Entire grade levels will not be piloting materials. Rather, select classrooms throughout the four elementary schools will pilot these materials, giving teachers and students hands-on experience with both programs.

All 7th and 8th grade English/Language Arts teachers at Wilson Riles Middle School will begin piloting one of the two programs under consideration; Study Sync by McGraw Hill and California Connections by Houghton Mifflin Hartcourt. English teachers at Center High School are participating in publisher presentations to identify the materials they would like to pilot.

Teachers who are piloting the English/Language Arts materials under consideration will continue to collaborate with one another to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each program and ultimately select the program that will be purchased for classroom implementation in the fall. Parents may preview the curriculum that is being piloted. To schedule an appointment, contact Becky Lawson, Coordinator of Curriculum, 916-338-6343.

Each year we look forward to opportunities for students to showcase their new learning, such as the annual district wide Geography Bee, the Oak Hill Business Fair and the 8th grade dance performance at Sacramento State University. Spring also brings athletic competition such as track, softball, baseball and girl's soccer. The spring play at CHS features the acting and musical talents of CHS students. Enjoy a night out with the family at the CHS Drama Production of Peter Pan. Check your school's website for additional dates and opportunities to discover a new adventure right here in CJUSD.

We are past the midway point in the school year which means our schools are planning for Fall 2016. Center High School is planning for the change to an 8 period block schedule which will provide more opportunities for students to enroll in an expanded list of courses and programs. Elementary schools are also gearing up with registration of new kindergarteners. If you have a student who will be a kindergartener in the fall, please refer to the registration schedule for your local school site.

Dudley: Registration begins March 15, 2016

Oak Hill: Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten registration is April 6th-April 8th. If you do not already have a student at Oak Hill, please call the front office to schedule an appointment 338-6460

Spinellli: March 10th & 11th, 9am-3pm

North Country: Registration begins February 16th, 8am-4pm. Applications are available on-line or in the school office.

All school sites will be closed March 21st -25th for Spring Break.


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Congratulations to Center HS student, Paul Yegorov. Paul represented CHS at the 2016 Sacramento County Poetry Out Loud competition where he advanced through to the second round of competition.
Poetry Out Loud 2016: Paul Yegorov (Round 1)
Poetry Out Loud 2016: Paul Yegorov (Round 2)


North Country Takes Pride in Creating Leaders

-Kathy Lord

North Country’s Annual Leadership Day was held on February 10th. Over 150 visitors from neighboring schools, and schools far away joined us to see what a leadership school looks like. We had teachers and administrators from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, the Bay Area and Central California.

Teaching the seven habits is a three step process: It’s not just defining each principle it’s learning to Practice and Live each habit as well.

Visitors learned that students write personal mission statements. Each class also develops classroom mission statements.

Students are taught that leadership is about taking responsibility and not making excuses. They set goals and track them within their Leadership Notebooks from Kindergarten to 6th grade.

Leadership, Culture and Academics are aligned. Leadership is not about school reform. It’s a total transformation by finding the strength and worth of each student and then, having students come to realize those qualities.

Leadership is the result of choices we make each day as we face challenges in our lives. It’s how we treat people.

Student leadership roles are key, we’re asking students to reflect on these roles and transfer the skills they are learning at school, at home and in the community.

Students are leading their own parent/teacher conferences from K-6 and taking responsibility for their learning.

We strive to teach Key Concepts of the habits - when students actually begin to apply the principles because they truly understand the principles as opposed to beginning learners who can define them.

It’s all about Living Leadership, which was the theme of Leadership Day this year.

Guests enjoyed students as they applied their listening and speaking skills as they employed the 8th habit- Find your voice and help others to find theirs.

Two presentations were given, each run by students. Madison Rahlf a sixth grader and Darren Wright a 4th grader were the Masters of Ceremonies for the morning event and Malik Safi, Grade 5 and Saniya Bingham in 6th grade were in charge of the second presentation. Guests also talked to many students who explained how they employ their leadership skills at home and in the community.

It was a great day for the students to showcase their leadership skills.