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May 8th, 2017

We got this! Let's keep teaching.

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EOY Assessment Calendar

Please take a minute to look at the EOY ELA Assessment Calendar. Begin organizing your plans so you can ensure all testing is done by the deadline the district provides.

K-2 Math Assessment Reminder:

  • K-2 (At Risk Students Only)
  • EOY Universal Screening
  • April 24th - May 12th
  • Due Date in AWARE - May 19th

Let's finish strong by looking at our data

K- 2 Data Wall

Using data to provide feedback:

K,1st and 2nd grade teachers: We will regroup to see the growth our students had in their reading.

Please sign in on one of the available slots to visit with me so we can rebuild our wall together. Bring with you your students' most current Running Records (two weeks) and their most current I-Station score. We will add this information into your cards and move the cards on the wall.

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No Tardy Taters

Students have been working diligently to come to school on time. During the first

week of May, six classes have received "No Tardy Tater" award certificates! Remember, complete your Mr. Potato Head with no tardies for ten days, and your class receives a certificate and a treat.

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Important Upcoming Dates

  • May 8th...STAAR
  • May 9th...STAAR
  • May 10th...STAAR
  • May 15th...EOY LPAC mtgs and Water Safety Clowns 9:00 K,1
  • May 16th...BOGO Book fair and Last day for K to 2nd after school tutoring
  • May 17... Last day for Pony Intervention Time,
  • May 18th... Last PLC of the year, 5th grade Sandy Lake Choir and PTA & Multicultural Night 6:30-8:00 PM
  • May 19th...Career Day 2017 and Last day to turn in guided reading books to Leveled Library. Last day to turn in student library books and all professional library books

  • May 24th...BLT meeting 3:10–4:30 (no staff meeting)

  • May 25th...5th grade Choir Celebration PM

  • May 26th...Staff Luncheon - Hosts 1st & Instructional Specialists; Field Day K--5; Memorial 5th grade

  • May 29th...Memorial Day

  • May 30th... 5th grade Lock In

  • May 31st...EOY Staff Celebratio and EOY K to 4th grade Award ceremony

  • June 1st...End of Year/Student Early Release, 5th Grade EOY Celebration and Award Ceremony, Lewisville ES will stay an additional 4 hours on 6/1

  • Move up day (information coming soon)

Calendar for the next two weeks

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Due to STAAR - The campus will be Closed to visitors on Monday 5/8, Tuesday 5/9, Wednesday 5/10 and Thursday 5/11.

5/8 Monday - 3rd and 4th Math – 5th Math Re-testers

5/9 Tuesday - 3rd and 4th Reading – 5th Reading Re-testers

5/10 Wednesday - 5th Science

5/11 Thursday – STAAR Make-up

Recess will be out front across the parking lot on the Soccer field. (Coach Green and Coach W. will assist with getting recess equipment on and off the soccer field?)

3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will NOT have recess on the days they are testing.

3rd Grade Lunch – Monday and Tuesday 12:30 ( Silent Lunch)

4th Grade Lunch – Monday and Tuesday 1:00pm (Silent Lunch)

5th Grade Lunch - Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 1:30pm ( Silent Lunch)

The library and computer lab will be used for testing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please be mindful as you take class restrooom breaks and move about the hallways that testing is happening through-out the building!


You are welcome to wear your Jeans during the entire week wearing your STAAR Wars shirt, Spirit shirt and or University Shirt to support the students.

LVES Collective Efforts = We've Got This!


Hi Pony Family!

Positive Ponies will be selling STAAR Grams until May 10th! You can give ANYONE a STAAR Gram for free; however, if you would like to "sweeten" the message you may add the following to your STAAR GRAM:

  • .50 cents will provide your receiver with a soft drink or a snack
  • $1.50 will give provide your receiver with both a soft drink and a snack

What better way to send a message of encouragement and/or inspiration! STAAR GRAMS can be purchased and received by ALL employees of Lewisville Elementary School.

You can see Ms. Bridges (Tonya), in our front office, to get a free or purchased STAAR GRAM! May the force be with us!

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Summer Professional Learning - Trade Days

The information provided in this document will give you details regarding the Elementary Teacher August Trade Day courses available to you. LISD August Trade Credit is earned in order to gain professional learning related to content specific curriculum. Those who complete the August Trade Credit option during the summer may stay home on Friday, August 18, 2017.

Included in the AUGUST flyer are content specific options that meet the August Trade Criteria for PK – 5th grade teachers as well as a flyer for ESL/Bilingual November Trade Credit. If you teach in a specialized department or program, you may receive additional communication from your program leader to assist you in other learning opportunities.

As you plan your summer learning, below are a couple of reminders:

  • REQUIREMENT FOR THIS SUMMER! All teachers of record for Language Arts K-5 will be REQUIRED to complete 2 sessions for a total of 6 hours in order to implement NEW curricular materials. SEE TABLE BELOW.
  • All summer courses open in Eduphoria on May 8, at 4:30 PM.
  • Eduphoria is the best way to find and register for any course. For assistance, please view this video on how to find courses in Eduphoria.
  • Details about August trade credit can be found HERE.
  • Details about November trade credit can be found HERE.
  • To see who is eligible for August trade credit, please click HERE.
  • If you are not able to attend a trade session in the summer, you are required to attend the official Elementary Teacher PL on Friday, August 18th found here.

There are no half-day courses available on this date, you will need to attend all 6 hours.
  • Any August Trade credit that exceeds 6 hours will automatically roll over to November trade credit by Professional Learning in October.
  • Summer Trade Courses are also available for November Trade Credit. These courses are designed to enhance professional learning beyond the content specific curriculum.
  • The flyers attached are also linked to the Professional Learning website HERE.
  • The titles in these flyers match the titles listed in Eduphoria.
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Staff shout-outs

  • To my amazing third grade team for my beautiful flowers and sweet words on my card to celebrate my 20 years of teaching in LISD! Love you gals!
  • Gaby Morales for covering my class when i went to visit another campus and doing a fantastic job!! Thank you Gaby!!
  • Mrs. McGraw for watching my kids when I had a pet emergency.

Thanks for the Shout-Outs!

Submit a Shout-Out to someone else HERE and we will share it in future Monday Messages.

Happy April Birthdays!

Victoria Hamilton May 7

Lakshmi Valdes May 7

Sandra Zamora May 14

Christina Chukwuedo May 15

Iraima Arocha May 17

Jerry Green May 19

Angela Snyder May 21

Barbara Kitchen May 23

Diahann Andrews May 25

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