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August 2016 Stella & Dot Team Newsletter

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To register for yourt local event for FREE , just log in to your Personal Website and click on the News section 'Business Blitz'

8th August – Manchester

Hilton Hotel, 303 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ

- 1pm to 3pm with Leaders - Stars and above

- 3pm to 4pm Business Blitz (ALL Stylists Welcome)

- 4pm to 4.30pm Women to Watch

9th August – Watford

Place to Eat, John Lewis, Intu Centre

- 11am to 1pm with Leaders

- 1pm to 2pm Business Blitz (ALL Stylists Welcome)

- 4pm to 4.30pm Women to Watch

10th August – Bristol

Camilla Chiverton’s Home (High Barn House, Norton Lane, Bristol, BS40 8RW)

- 10am to 12pm with Leaders

- 12pm to 1pm Business Blitz (ALL Stylists Welcome)

- 4pm to 4.30pm Women to Watch

15th August – Maidenhead

Stubbing’s Nursery, Henley Rd, Maidenhead SL6 6QL

- 10.30am – 12.30pm with Leaders

- 12.30pm – 1.30pm Business Blitz (ALL Stylists Welcome)

- 1.30pm pm to 2pm Women to Watch

18th August – Leatherhead

The Hot House Café, The Medicine Garden, Downside Road, Cobham, Surrey, KT11 3 LU

- 1pm to 3pm with Leaders

- 3pm to 4pm Business Blitz (ALL Stylists Welcome)

- 4pm to 4.30pm Women to Watch

22nd August – Nottingham

The Riverbank Bar & Kitchen, Trent Bridge, Nottingham, NG2 2GS

- 1pm to 3pm with Leaders

- 3pm to 4pm Business Blitz (ALL Stylists Welcome)

- 4pm to 4.30pm Women to Watch

24th August – Edinburgh

Norton House, Ingliston, Edinburgh EH28 8LX

- 2pm to 4pm with Leaders

- 4pm to 5pm Business Blitz (ALL Stylists Welcome)

- 5pm to 5.30pm Women to Watch

25th August – Newcastle

Grey Street Hotel, 2-12 Grey St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6EE

- 11am to 1pm with Leaders

- 1pm to 2pm Business Blitz (ALL Stylists Welcome)

- 2pm to 2.30pm Women to Watch

You have earned a piece of Luxury

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Congrats to the 19 girls who all earned the leather wallet in July!

Stephanie Smith 2,925.86 / Emma Hall 2,860.90/ Laura Lovell 2,705.25 /Angela Parker 2,115.51 / Natalie Lydford 2,000.85/ Yvonne Crolla 1,862.96 / Claire Kelly

1,616.49 / Bernadette Gavin 1,535.60/ Samantha Gowing 1,419.00 / Stacey Rankin

1,388.70 / Carrie Ann Stevens 1,303.66 / Amanda Smart 1,218.64 / Julie Maguire

1,067.40 / Lynnette Tibbetts 1,028.10 / Joanne Forster 1,025.00 / Rebecca Percival

1,013.89 / Sarah Bloor 1,013.50 / Nicola Heritage 1,006.67 / Nicola Lees 1,002.02

And Now for the

The Bowery Leather Saddle Bag - WANT IT?

Sell 5,000 PQV total through July and August and it's yours! You can also earm 1,000 bonus points for every single person you recruit and qualify in August!

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Marketing Tools for August

The Trunkshow Exclusive Offers for August are smoking hot! Don't forget to print them out and offer this amazing deal to your customers - so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over!

PS These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge under Marketing Materials.

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Welcome to our newest Stylists

We are SO lucky to welcome some amazing new stylists to Stella & Dot.


Cara Pegg

Liane Sheridan

Reigen Brown

Lyndsay Duncan

Please do join our Team Facebook Page (or ask you Sponsor to add you) ClICK HERE

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SUMMER OF FUN If your name is here, you're a stylist on my First Line that has joined the business from Feb 16 until now - and the GREAT news is, I have a team Incentive just for YOU ! Every £100 that you sell *between now and August 31 only* is going to get you 1 entry into my prize draw. Sell £200 get 2 entries sell £300, 3 entries and so on. The more you sell, the more chances of winning. There are lots of prizes up for grabs - including an Adventureous Off-roading experience around Peckforton Castle with crazy me, Jewellery from the 2016 Autumn Collection (launched today) and super pouty Chanel lipglosses - Lifetime adventures, Sparkle and Prettythings - what more could a girl want ;-) Yvonne Crolla

Laura Ansbro Lee

Colette Scofield

Emma Barnes

Claire Lotus Kelly

Cara Pegg

Ali MacBrydee

Sarah Boyle

Ruth N Gradel

Cara Elizabeth Pegg

Kirsty Gray

Ana Clara Gasparini

Afshan Majeed

Lynne Eardley

Top 10 in July sales

4 Angela Parker 2,115.51

5 Natalie Lydford 2,000.85

6 Yvonne Crolla 1,862.96

7 Claire Kelly 1,616.49

8 Bernadette Gavin 1,535.60

9 Samantha Gowing 1,419.00

10 Stacey Rankin 1,388.70

Team Promotions #SDJoy

Your step by step guide to Booking a Trunkshow

Only you can define success and only you can create it...

1) Send a warm-up email or text to two people each day... feel free to use your own words.

Hi Kate. My new Stella & Dot collection has arrived and I can't wait until you see it! I've got a couple of dates this month and would LOVE for you to be one of the first to lay your eyes on it! Check out this photo (you may or may not agree) but I think this would really suit you! I'll give you a call tomorrow to see what you think about getting a few of the girls together and hosting a fun style session (free jewellery for you, of course, as a thank you!) xxx

2) The next day phone the two people to follow up:

"Hi it's Mhari from Stella & Dot Jewellery. How are you?

I sent you an email yesterday, not sure if you've had a chance to look at it? Our new collection is incredible - we have new bags and some gorgeous jewellery I think you'll love. I wondered if you fancied getting your hands on some of it for free? I'm not sure If I've told you before, but on average our hostesses get £100 of free jewellery just for hosting a fun style session with us. I have a couple of dates free this month and wondered if you fancied it?"

YES it's THAT SIMPLE. 2 calls a day = 1 trunkshow booking per week = 4 a month! Hey presto ! you have a business that works!

Share our sign up offer with 10 people today!

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Why Sponsor?

You can maximize your earnings when you build a team and earn team sales commissions on the sales achieved by those you sponsor (and they sponsor) in your downline. The percentage you earn depends on your Pay Rank.

And it doesn’t stop there, be rewarded with cash bonuses as you promote to different career ranks, and when you help emerging leaders on your team reach new levels in their first 12 months. The detailed Compensation Plan has all the details of how to earn with Stella & Dot.

Did you know that you only require 1 person on your team to promote to Lead Stylist and Associate Stylist? It's two people for Senior Stylist and three people for Star Stylist.

August inspiration :-)