William Penn

By: Meredith Moore


William Penn was the founder of the Pennsylvania Colony. He was born on October 14, 1644. Speaking of birthdays you will learn about William Penn's childhood and how he lived as a child. Also you will learn about Penn becoming a Quaker and he had to fight for his beliefs. Lastly you will learn about Penn finding Pennsylvania and his adulthood too. I hope you learn about a lot about the founder of the Pennsylvania Colony, William Penn.

William Penn's Childhood

William Penn had an interesting childhood. Penn was born on October 14, 1644 in London, England. Penn had a very wealthy (rich) family. His father was a navel officer later knighted as Admiral Sir William Penn. Penn was also an aristocrat. When he was a boy he went to school in Essex. Then at 16 years old he entered Christ Church, Oxford University in 1660 because as a young boy he was interested in religion. Penn's father was part of the Church of England. Which he rebelled later on in life. William Penn had a very faithful childhood.

Becoming a Quaker

William Penn had a lot of encounters with Quakerism. Before going to Oxford University at 13 years old Penn met Thomas Loe. Who was an itinerant Quaker. This was his first encounter with Quakerism. In 1622 Penn was expelled for not attending chapel which was required for all students. Meanwhile, Quakerism had been outlawed in England. As Penn got older he became a devout Quaker and a advocate of Quaker doctrines and political liberalism. Penn went to jail a lot for his beliefs. Even though he did go to jail he countined to write books. Such as The Sandy Foundation Shaken (1668) and No Cross No Crown (1669). William Penn had a rough time becoming and being a Quaker.

Finding Pennsylvania

William Penn was the founder of the Pennsylvania Colony. Penn asked the King of England for land in America. The King of England said yes as a repayment because of the delot owed from William's father who died in 1670. In 1682 William Penn arrived in the Pennsylvania Colony. Penn made several treaties of friendship with the American Indians. Penn built a home in Philadelphia, PA. But after several years in the colony Penn was called back for business in England. After he left the Pennsylvania Colony changed a lot. At least 20,000 people lived in the colony and counting. In 1701 Penn signed the Charter of Privileges. which remained in force till 1776. William Penn was a good leader to the Pennsylvania Colony.


In conclusion, William Penn died on July 30, 1718 in Berkshire, England. Looking back on his life he had a very wealthy and faithful childhood. Also he had a rough time becoming and being a Quaker. Lastly he had founded the Pennsylvania Colony. I hope you learned a lot of information about William Penn.


advocate - A person who argues for or supports a cause or policy.

treaties -
An official agreement that is made between two or more countries or groups.

founder - One that founds or establishes something.

itinerant - One who travels from place to place.

Quaker - A friend or one that quakes.


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