Sixth Grade Newsletter

November 30 - December 4, 2015

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Important Dates!!!

December 4th - School Spelling Bee

December 7th - Progress Reports

December 8th - Pickles and Catch up (Afternoon)

December 8th - PDQ Night - 5:00-9:00

December 11th - Holiday ~ School Dance

December 14th - December 17th - Holiday Shop

December 14th - 6th grade rehearsal @ Newton-Conover Auditorium

December 15th - 6th grade Play @ Newton-Conover Auditorium

December 16th - Cast Party for the Play (students may wear PJs)

December 17th - PTO Community Meeting

December 18th - Christmas Feast

December 21st - Workday

December 22nd- Annual Leave

December 23rd - December 25th - Holidays

December 28th - December 31st - Annual Leave

January 1st - Holiday

January 12th - PDQ - 5:00-9:00

January 15th - Class Picture Day Clubs/Candids

January 15th—Outreach Program - Catawba Science Center

January 18th - Holiday - NO School

January 19th - Workday

January 20th - Workday

January 25th - Report Cards

February 3rd - Field Trip - Class Productions for Students - Freedom Train

February 9th - PDQ Night 5:00-9:00

February 15th - Workday

March 8th - PDQ Night 5:00-9:00

March 23rd - Field trip—Catawba Science Center

March 25th - Workday

March 28th - Holiday - NO SCHOOL

March 29th - Annual Leave

March 30th - Annual Leave

March 31st - Annual Leave

April 1st - Annual Leave

April 8th - Spring Pictures

April 12th - PDQ Night - 5:00-9:00

April 14th - TLIM - Leadership Day

May 6th - Workday

May 10th - PDQ Night 5:00-9:00

May 30th - Holiday - NO SCHOOL

June 1st - EOG Testing

June 1st - BLT Mtg

June 2nd - EOG Testing

June 8th - Faculty Mtg

June 9th - TA Mtg 7:30 am

June 9th - Last Day for Students

June 10th - Workday

June 13th - Workday

June 14th - Report Cards

Helping Hands!

Dear Sixth Grade Parents and guardians:

This year as a school we will be doing a Holiday project called Helping Hands. This project helps out specific families and children with our school. We are asking that you send in items for the following genders and ages. Some examples of gifts could be movies, games, personal hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair ties, etc. Each grade level is responsible for 5-6 children. All items are due to your child's homeroom teacher by December 11. Please indicate on the unwrapped package which age and gender the gift is for. Please see below for the ages and genders of the children that you will be helping.

Boy, 4th Grade
Girl, 3rd Grade
Boy, 2nd Grade
Girl, Kindergarten
Girl, 3rd Grade

Ticket Information for the 6th Grade Play

If you attend the play during the day or night performances you will need to purchase tickets at the time of arrival. Tickets will be sold in the Newton Conover Auditorium lobby.

Cost of Tickets:

Adults: $5.00

Students: $2.00

Important Reminder for the Play!

Important Reminders

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule for 6th grade Play “Pirates”

Monday, December 14th - Play rehearsal

7:45am - All sixth graders will travel to Newton-Conover Auditorium

Bring a bag lunch and drink.

2:00 pm -Students will return to Blackburn to ride buses home.

Bring a bag lunch and drink.

Tuesday, December 15th - School Performances\ Evening Performance

7:45am - All sixth graders will travel to Newton-Conover Auditorium

Students will need to bring a bag lunch and drink.

Chorus members will need to wear their costumes to school.

Girls wear – Dark Pants or Skirt and solid white Tee-shirt and belt

Boys wear – Dark Jeans, a solid white Tee- shirt and belt

2:00pm ~ Students will return to Blackburn to ride buses home.

Students without a ride to the performance, please contact your homeroom teacher.

6th grade students will need to arrive at Newton-Conover Auditorium at the follow times to get ready for the evening performance.

Students need to arrive at the following times:

4:30 ~ Pirates/ King

5:00 ~ Stowaways /Prisoners / Stage Crew

5:30 ~ No Beards/ Natives / Talent Show

5:40 ~ Chorus (go to risers)

Evening Performance – 6:00pm

Newton-Conover Auditorium address - 60 West 6th Street, Newton, NC 28658

Tickets can be purchased at the door. Adult $5.00 & Student $2.00

Students need to be picked after the performance. (Around 7:15) Teachers will dismiss students to each parent to insure that every child goes home safely. Parents please remain in your seats until we call for you to come get your child. Students have to get out of costumes before they can leave. Please be patient.


Chorus Costumes

We are looking forward to the performance of “Pirates” on December 15th. The
Chorus will need the items listed below for their costumes. Please do not go spend
a lot of money on costumes. You might already have these items at home or could
go to Goodwill to find them. We will provide Pirate bandanas for all Chorus

Girls - White Shirt, dark colored pants or skirt, Belt, jewelry

Boys - White Shirt, dark colored pants, Belt
**note for the top you can take a white tee-shirt and cut the bottom in a zigzag

Sherry Schlagenhauf

Play Schedule for the Month of December

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Christmas Feast

We are planning a Christmas Feast for the students on December 18, 2015 at 12:00 p.m. The Snack Bar in Hickory is providing the meal. Turkey, Dressing, Mashed Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, Green Beans and Rolls. We would like parents to help provide the dessert and drinks.

Here is the link to the sign-up genius.

Each student will need to send in $5.00 for the meal that day. Please send in money as soon as possible so we can get an accurate count for the caterers. Also if you know that you child will not be at school on December 18th please let their homeroom teacher know in advance.

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