Addams Weekly Newsletter

Week of 2/6/23

The Addams Learning Family

The home-school connection is essential for all children's success. The Addams team would like to share a weekly update to inform families of upcoming events, highlight student learning, and offer strategies to help set all students up for success. Thank you for your support in setting your child up for success daily!

Upcoming Important Events & PTO Updates

Looking Ahead into February

  • February is Black History Month
  • 2/6-2/10 Conferences
  • Tuesday, 2/7 DISMISSAL AT NOON
  • Wednesday, 2/8 Count Day
  • Friday, 2/10 PTO Popcorn Day
  • Tuesday, 2/14 PTO Meeting at 6:30 PM
  • Friday, 2-17-Monday, 2/20 NO SCHOOL Mid-Winter Break
  • Friday, 2/24 & 2/25 Mommy/Son & Daddy/Daughter

Black History Month Focus

What is Black History Month?

This short video gives families and students a brief history on why we celebrate the accomplishments of Black Americans of yesterday and today.

Does your family want to explore this topic more? Take a look at National Geographic Kids for more ways to learn together!

Follow Our School's Facebook Page

Our school's Facebook page is now Jane Addams Elementary School-SRSD. Please click on this link and "Like" our page to stay up to date with everything that is happening at our school!
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Bathroom Etiquette

Please talk to your child about the importance of being respectful in the bathroom. There has been a lot of behavioral issues occurring in the restroom. During our recent school assembly, we spoke about the importance of personal space, keeping their hands to themselves, and using the restroom and going back to class in a timely manner. The expectations are that everyone is being a safe and kind leader. Monitoring of the restrooms has been increased and please support us in having conversations at home to encourage appropriate behavior.
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Bridging Math Learning at Home

Our math curriculum is called Bridges and it has three key parts: Number Corner, Problems & Investigations, and Workplace games. The teachers and students engage in all three parts of the curriculum daily and we would love to share some targeted Work Place games for provide extra practice and learning fun at home! Some of the games offered in this section will be for practice with what is currently being learned in class and some games will help children practice with skills already taught to keep those skills sharp. Thank you for finding time at home to encourage your child to practice math at home!

Free Math Apps from Bridges Search for great FREE online math games for your child that supports what they are learning in class! These are all available for your child to use at home!

(Underlined topics would be VERY beneficial for your child!)



Math Clock

Math Vocabulary Cards

Money Pieces

Number Chart

Number Frames

Number Line

Number Pieces (Place Value)

Number Rack

Pattern Shapes

Whiteboard App

Visit Math at Home page for different games by grade level.


Number Frames

Number Line

Line ‘em Up App

Number Bubble Count to 100 Game

Marble Math Game

Measure that Foot Game

1st-Students need extra practice with place value--knowing that numbers are made up of tens and ones.

Fifty of Bust

Cats and Mice

The Frog Jump Game

2nd-Students need extra practice comparing numbers with subtraction.

Climb the Beanstalk

Target Twenty

Pick Two, Roll & Subtract

Close to 25cents

3rd-Students need extra practice telling time on an analog clock and place value.

Target One Hundred

Place Value Discs

Base 10 Blocks

4th-Students need extra practice with place value (ones, tens, hundred, thousands) and adding and subtracting three digit numbers.

Target One Thousand

Add, Round, Compare

Roll & Subtraction One Thousand

Target Five

Place Value Discs

Base 10 Blocks

5th-Students need extra practice with place value (ones, tens, hundred, thousands) and adding and subtracting three digit numbers.

Target One Thousand

Place Value Discs

Base 10 Blocks

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FREE Reading Resources Michigan's FREE elibrary Check out the Britannica Fundamentals for Prek-2nd, Britannica School Elementary for 3rd-4th, and Britannica School Middle for 5th-7th. These are just one resource that your child will enjoy learning and exploring!

PebbleGo and World Book Early Learning & World Book Kids are also great resources to explore!

Many classrooms are working on informational text and research projects. Ask your child what they are learning and encourage them to look it up using these resources! This is a site that has lots of read alouds that kids love and are read by actors!'s kids tab has: Learn, Play, Read. So many fun and free learning resources to explore! Check out this link to all of the read along sites!

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Cold Weather Update

It is cold outside. Please make sure your student is dressed appropriately for the cold weather. Students should wear hats, gloves, boots, scarves, and snow pants. We do have outside recess during the winter season. As long as the temperature is 15 degrees and above, we go outside. Thank you for making sure your student is bundled and ready to play at recess!

2022-23 Addams Title I Compact

As partners in the Jane Addams Elementary School educational community, parents, students, and teachers will work as a team to share the responsibility for improving academic achievement by upholding the following agreements...

Please click on the link to complete the compact. 2022-2023 Addams Title 1 Compact