7th Grade GSS Weekly Update

Week of 3/2-3/6

Classroom Happenings

Three Branches of Government:

Students took a brief quiz over the three branches of government and the principles of Separation of Powers and Checks & Balances. They did an outstanding job, and those scores will be posted soon.

Civil Rights Movement:

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X: We used their writings and speeches to answer “Whose philosophy made the most sense for America in the 1960s?” We learned a lot about both men and their thinking. (see “7th Grade Due Dates” for more assignment information.) Our discussion about the ways these men fought for rights will continue into next week.

Voters Rights March from Selma to Birmingham: Saturday, March 7, marks 55 years since what has become known as “Bloody Sunday” when Alabama state troops used violent force to stop protesters.

  • Thursday: We all filled out an application form that would have been required by voters Southern states during the 1960s. The last part of the registration process required the applicant pass a short test over the U.S. Constitution and read the preamble. The application all by itself was complicated and intimidating. The literacy test was especially shocking when we realized that getting one question wrong would have prevented a person from “qualifying” to vote.

  • Friday: The March to Birmingham takes center stage to help us understand the historical significance and elements of non-violent protest.
  • Next week: We will learn about and analyze other events from the Civil Rights Movement to help us understand effective ways to bring about social change.

EXTENSION CHALLENGE: Spend time learning about the march from Selma to Montgomery or Southern voting rights during the Civil Rights Movement of the 50s or 60s.

Upcoming Due Dates

“Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X: Whose philosophy made the most sense for America in the 1960s” due before class starts on Monday 3/9. (Turn in the packet at the beginning of class and the paragraph based on writing prompt should be turned in on Google Classroombefore school.)

General Information

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