Heifer International

Together We Have Power Over Hunger & Poverty

Heifer International started in 1944 as Heifers for Relief. Dan West, an Ohio farmer and relief worker, pitched the idea that they should send a cow to people recovering from World War II instead of a cup.

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Heifer international is an organization that provides resources and training for struggling small-scale farmers in countries that need it.

They partner with governments, private organizations, non-profit coalition and other networks in order to find an effective solution with a large impact.

They aim to make long-term changes across the world.

You can donate an animal to a family by choosing an amount of money that you feel comfortable with and an animal of that value will be donated to a family in need.

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Examples of Animals You Can Donate

Flock of Geese ($20)

Rabbit ($60)

Goat ($120)

Pig ($120)

Llama ($150)

Water Buffalo ($250)

Heifer ($500)