Grits & Glam December Newsletter

It's time for the holiday hustle!

Maximize December's Opportunities by Frontloading the Month!

Whew! November was wild, and we still have 23 days until Christmas! Believe it or not, most people haven't even put a dent in their Christmas shopping yet, which means that the first half of December still holds tremendous opportunities for us. However, to maximize those opportunities, we must "frontload" the month. This means booking popups and making sales in the first two weeks of December in order to make sure people's shipments arrive in time for gift-giving. I hope that everyone has at least two popups scheduled for the first two weeks of December. Remember, this could include a vendor event, catalog party, in person, or online pop up shop. I personally have 3 booked: one vendor, one in person, and one online. When you are conducting your popups, also keep in mind that life exists after the holidays, crazy, huh? The best place to find your future hosts are at pop ups, so don't be afraid to ask. The key to staying consistent in this business is having a constant calendar with popups on the books into the future. So, if you have interested customers who love the brand, why not go ahead and book a pop up for them in January, February, or into the spring? I always have my planner with me, handy and ready to book if someone is interested. You might also have a few hostess packets with you to share as well. (If you'd like info on what to include in a hostess packet, let me know and I can share via email.) Good luck ladies! I know that many of you are excited and feeling victorious after an awesome November, so I certainly hope that success continues.

Friends & Family Promotion

12PM EST Thurs 12/3 through 11:59 PM EST Tues 12/15

Our latest promotion is one of our most popular: the Friends & Family Sale. With promotion code FFHOL15 customers can order anything from the entire collection with the exception of giftcards and get 25% off their order at checkout. This does combine and stack with the Free Gift With Purchase at $125 and the $100 credit for $500 spent evergreen promotions. (Keep in mind that raffle codes never combine with promotions or credits and that any purchases made with credits, either merchandiser or hostess, will charge regular price.) The Friends & Family promotion is timed to coincide with our recommended cutoff dates for regular shipping to be received in time for Christmas.
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Make Sure to be Aware of the Special Status Linesheet

With the inclusion of our birthstone rings in Oprah's Favorite Things list, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, and many items being so popular this season, there are several things on our Special Status Linesheet that merchandisers should be aware of that have extended delivery status or are out of stock and not to be replenished. Before your events, please go to the Feed in Merch Perch and be aware of which items have special status, so that you can make your customers aware before placing orders. This can be found at

Early Payout

If you didn't hear, the announcement was made on the National Call that all personal commissions earned between December 1-15 will be paid out early on December 17th. This gives you the opportunity to use those commissions for the holidays! Any milestone bonuses, incentives, or commission jumps on sales for the remainder of the month will be paid out on the regular payday on January 5th.

Looking Ahead

After the holiday frenzy is over, I certainly hope that each and every one of you takes the opportunity to enjoy your friends and family, as I certainly intend to do. After working as hard as we are, all of us deserve some downtime. That being said, we can't just close up shop because Christmas is over, can we? The mall certainly doesn't. So, to help everyone maintain a presence and continue to get bookings and sales after the holiday season has ended, I am already preparing ideas for the upcoming months which will be slower and will require a little more creativity after the hustle and bustle of the holiday selling season. I'm just letting you know that I'm already stockpiling ideas and strategies for this, so you don't have to worry - I've got you covered! I'll be sharing these with y'all after the holidays.