Magical Learning at IES!

March 2-6, 2020

What we learned and little bit about we will learn...


Students listened to a story and acted it out. They learned about comparing objects and vocabulary to use when comparing objects. We also discussed compound words and came up with them together. In math we introduced the tape measure. Solved a measurement problem and measured cubes using yarn.


In reading we are comparing and contrasting fiction and nonfiction books about Bears. We have also been reading the series of books that go with Bear Snores On. In math to go along with our 3D shapes, students have been bringing items from home that are similar to the 3D shapes to get a real life experience to associate the shapes with.

1st Grade

This week we learned about fractions in math. In Social Studies we learned about traditions and what some are in our state. Our students learned long i spelling patterns, theme, inferencing, and elements of Drama in Reading and Language Arts.

2nd Grade

We are working on measurement this next week. We will be doing research of an animal and writing a report in the next couple of weeks. We will be putting eggs in an incubator and documenting data on that.

3rd Grade

Next Week Happenings!

Students are learning when it is appropriate to use measurements of liquid volume (capacity) and weight. They are also learning the corresponding units and tools. Students are learning about the main idea using text evidence, understanding the author's purpose and audience, and continuing their reading strategies. Students will also be continuing with prefixes and suffixes.

Students will be learning about ecosystems. We will be learning the different characteristics of an environment and how they support different populations and communities. Students will also be learning about how droughts and floods affect the environment. Students will be learning about what it is like to run a business in the community. They will be learning about simple budgets.

4th Grade

This week we learned more about poetry and other vocabulary that helps understand the meaning of the poems. In Science we learned about shadows by going outside and observing our own shadows and how it changes throughout the day. In writing we wrote our own poems by using our reading lessons. Students examined the foundations of geometry by identifying points, lines, line segments, rays, angles, and perpendicular and parallel lines during Math.

5th Grade

In reading we are learning more about author's purpose and genres. We also used Oreo's to write persuasive texts. In Science this week we learned about how the sun and ocean interact in the water cycle. We learned about different graphs and how to use the data in Math. We learned how to interpret different graphs such as, frequency tables, bar graphs, dot plots and Stem-and-Leaf plots.


Our 4th and 5th and rocking their recorders and making tons of progress in their recorder karate program! Third is working hard to read, write, decode, compose and improvise using 16th note rhythms and K, 1 and 2 are just starting to work on our spring musical "Oceans of Fun".

Our First Magic Hour in action...

Operation Christmas

The item for March is flip flop or slides. You may donate new, unused slides or flip flops for our Operation Christmas. There is a box in the front foyer. Thank you for helping with this amazing opportunity!