Cardinal Connection

April 2015

"Telling isn't teaching and told isn't learning."

Yellow Transportation Cards!!!!!! Please send them home on Monday(4-7-14).

Check your mailbox. Yellow cards are back!!!! Please offer in class incentives!!! We will also reward students with a treat. As always thank you for supporting our efforts.

Ipad Restricitons

Based on recurring episodes in the STEM lab and recently in third grade. Mrs. Bucalos sent a detailed e-mailed regarding restricting inappropriate sites. In addition you also need to delete the YouTube and Nexflix app if you have them on your iPads. Most of you use your iPads on a daily basis and until recently trusted that your students were using the assigned apps. Some of our little curious cardinals are looking at more than Lexia or Math IXL. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Harrigan for making this awesome suggestion. This was sent out on March 28, 2014. See her e-mail directions below.

We really need for everyone to comply with changing the restrictions on your student iPads or any other devices students have access to in the classroom.

JCPS internet has restrictions on the computer, but students are able to get around this and access adult content on YouTube and other sites. If you think your students will not search porn, boobies, sex, etc… think again… If you think they are “too little”, “too disabled”, or “too naive” to search such topics… think again! This will help you avoid having to deal with these issues in the future.

ALL TEACHERS PLEASE COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING to keep our kids safe at school:

How to set up Restrictions on your iPads

1. Delete the apps for YouTube, Netflix, or any other app you may have where students can access adult content.

2. Change restrictions on iPad by touching “Settings”

3. Touch General and look for "restrictions off”

4. Touch restrictions

5. Touch “enable restrictions” to set passcode as “0102”. It will prompt you to enter this twice.

6. One enabled, turn OFF “installing apps, deleting apps, and in app purchases” (they will no longer be green)

7. Scroll down the screen to “Allowed Content”. Change “Music and content” to turn off “explicit”, Touch “movies, TV shows, apps, etc” (go down the column) and set appropriate ratings (i.e. as in Rated G movies only)

8. On websites you can block certain sites. Please block YouTube or any other site that has adult content (if you can suggest some, let me know… Evann is not an expert in this area!! ;-)

ASK Evann, Helen, Ronda, or me if you need help, but please try going through the steps FIRST.

Where’s Kurtis Wolf? Can he help us do this, Nina?? :-)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your cooperation. I know you all have so much on your plates, but this is really important. Many of us have already experienced this within our classrooms and it’s so disruptive to instruction! Talk about getting off task!!!

Chancey Grade Level Vertical Alignment with Math & ELA Standards

Please spend time within your grade group beginning April 8, 2014, (Staff Development will be in individual classrooms.) to delve deeply into answering the questions below to build coherence between grade levels. These questions are for both math & ELA standards. The honest feedback is to improve communication between grade levels and better communicate what students should expect entering the next grade level. Answering the questions will also provide critical resources for parents so that students are prepared to enter the next grade level. Every year parents ask what book should their child read before entering the next grade or how can they prepare them for the next grade over summer break? Please be specific so that your grade level can hit the ground running in the fall. Please separate your math and ELA answers.

Due April 29, 2014

Guiding Questions:

1. When students enter your grade in August, what are some critical skills they must possess in order to be successful from day one? What should the previous years teachers focus on in the last 6 weeks of school in Math and in Reading? Please be specific. Refer to standards that students must know before entering your grade.

Good examples J: Students should know basic phonics rules (silent e, adding suffixes, prefixes, etc)

Students should know grade level math vocabulary (operational terms, shapes, etc)

Poor examples L: Students should know how to read.

Students should be able to add and subtract.

2. Please compile a list of resources that the previous grade can share with parents at the end of the year Report Card so that students can begin preparing for the next grade level over the summer.

Thank you to ALL of the staff members that made the Mayor's Cup a huge success!!! You are proof that there is no "I" in team.

Go Where You Can Grow (Transfer period ends April 18, 2014)