Greek Achievements

Achievements of Greece

The Arts

Some of the most notable achievements of Ancient Greece are the arts. Some of the arts are include sculptures, painting, architecture, and writings. The people were master artists. Examples of their statues are popular in museums. Greek paintings are admired for their realistic quality. If you went to Greece today you would see ruins of ancient buildings. Ancient designers took care in the detail because they wanted their buildings to reflect the greatness of the cities. The Greeks also were amazing in writing. They were responsible for creating many new genres of writing including drama and history.


Ancient Greeks worshiped many gods and goddesses. But around 500 BC a few people started to believe in other explanations. One of the greatest of philosophers was a man named Socrates. He believed that people must never stop looking for knowledge. One of Socrates students is named Plato. Plato created a school, the Academy, to which philosophers, students, and scientists could come to discuss ideas. But then again, perhaps the greatest philosophers was Aristole. He taught that people should live lives of balance. He believed that balance was based on reason.


Euclid spent his life studying mathematics. Euclid was interested geometry. Actually, most of the geometry rules we learn in school came from Euclid. Other Greek mathematicians included a geographer who used mathematics to accurately calculate the size of the Earth.

Medicine and Engineering

Greek doctors studied the human body to understand how it worked. While in trying to cure diseases and keep people healthy, the Greek doctors made many discoveries. The greatest Greek doctor was Hippocrates. He wanted to figure out what caused diseases so he could better treat them. Greek engineers also made great discovers. Some devices are still used today. For example,farmers in many countries still used water screws to bring water to the fields.


There are three main styles in Greek Architecture; Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. The Doric style is sturdy and it's top is plain. This style was used in mainland Greece and the southern colonies of Italy and Sicily. The Ionic style thinner and more elegant than Doric. The top is decorated with a scroll like design. This style was found in eastern Greece and the islands. The Corinthian style is used in the Greek world but sometimes found in Roman temples. The top is highly decorated and elaborate.