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More Updates to Customize Your Google Forms

Try the new version of Google Forms

Whether you want to send a poll to your friends about party ideas or survey your co-workers about possible project plans, the new Google Forms can help. The new forms have brand new themes, can be easily filled out on mobile devices, and give you quick insight about responses.

What's new?

There are a number of new features in the new Google Forms, including:

What features aren't available in the new Forms?

At the moment, the following features are not available but are coming soon:

  • Data validation
  • Add-ons
  • Question or answer shuffling
  • Date or time questions

Try out the new Forms

If you want to create a form using the new Google Forms, opt in to the new version. When editing a form created using the old Forms, you may also see a link at the top to try out the new version.

Note: If you don’t see a link at the top of your form to try the new version, you may be using a feature not yet available in the new Forms (see above for list).

Opt out of the new Forms

If you're editing a form and want to go back to the old version of Forms, click the Exit icon in the bottom left corner of the form.

At the moment, you can only opt out of the new Forms on a computer.

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