Anyone who sees this

My Name is Simon

My letter of warning

Hello my name is Simon and i'm stranded on a deserted island with other kids. Their is a so called beast on the island and i'm thinking about climbing up the hill where it lives and check if it's real. My motivation for doing this crazy thing is to prove once and for all to the other kids if it's real or not. I really hope that the beast is not real but if it is I will be in a lot of trouble. Also my other motivation is to make the other kids have common sense. Like when I was out in nature taking it all in but then Jack killed a pig and put it's head on a pike. Jack called it an offering to the beast, and i think that is really stupid. So i want to clear up this mess. If I do not make it I hope you come look for my body. I will leave drawings of a pig to show where I went. If you don't come and look then that will just be plain rude and mean because I would have sacrificed my life trying to be a hero.