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Strange Times

Well the last time I wrote you Constant Reader I said maybe all this coronavirus business may be unfounded. It looks like that's not the case. We've closed down school until May, and very well may be done for the rest of the year with face to face schooling. We will continue to endure and overcome the challenges we face in the current homeschooling environment. As educators we will continue to evolve our practice to meet the needs of students. Ouf staff at Northwestern has been AMAZING and I commend them. We hit the ground running last week on Monday to figure it out. Our teachers and paraprofessionals all stepped up in major ways to make things work. We've had great feedback from people in the community to parents and grandparents lauding Northwestern's efforts. Those things are all great to hear. Our plan is to begin having weekly meetings with elementary classes beginning next week. Middle school classes have already begun to meet, and several high school teachers are meeting with students. How are we all meeting? Using a recently created teleconference tool that is amazing: Zoom. Teachers can visit with their classes and they have invited administrators to watch and observe, and even want us to participate. See below for Youtube links of Mrs. Denise Clemens' Physiology class having class. I had the opportunity to observe Mrs. Anne Frericks class last week and it was equally awesome. Also, we had a staff meeting online this morning below as well and I've shared a snippet of Mr. Osborn imparting some wisdom on the teachers. In a gesture of good will I did invite our governor to observe some of our teachers doing an amazing job, I haven't heard back yet. But I hope she would like to take me up on the offer to see what some of the best of the best are doing to serve our children.

I heard this week there has been some social media back and forth about prom and graduation. For now, graduation is planned to be held on the original date of May 16th. Is there a possiblity that we won't be able to hold it then? Yes. A strong possibility. But for now we plan to go on as normally and see what the future brings us. Prom - is postoned. Until a date TBD - to be determined. Again we will have to see what the future brings us and we will do our best to make both meaningful experiences for the kids.

Just like health care professionals and elected officials have been saying for now we all need to focus on social distancing. We will continue on as best we can to continue serving Northwestern students, but also need to stay focused on our own health first. This is a bizarre time. With everyone binging television series on their favorite streaming service we may just break the internet (let's hope not! I have 5 kids who've only been able to go outside on a limited basis with all of the slop that is our yard). Speaking of, it sounds more moisture to come this weekend and more slop to endure!

That's about it for now folks. Until next time, take care!

Physiology 1
Physiology 2
NW Staff Meeting