Ancient China- Achievements

By- Roger Alvarado


The Wheelbarrow

If it were not for the Chinese we would not have the wheelbarrow. Chiko liang of china was considered the inventor of the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow helped the chines carry lots of items from one place to another. This probably helped trading go faster because you don't have to go back time by time to get more items, instead you can bring your wheelbarrow caring the item you want to trade. Us Americans use this for many reason, constructors use this to carry around cement or dirt for building. Some people use this to carry fruits and vegetables from their gardens. This is an we`ll probably still use in the future.

Achievement- 2


bronze objects included sculptures, daggers, vases, cups, and urn, which were large ceremonial containers. The Shang used bronze urns to prepare and serve food for ceremonies to honor their ancestors. They could not have made urn in order to honor their ancestors without bronze.



Silk is a thin,but strong fiber that silkworms produce when they are making their cocoon. I always thought it was just a part to make fabric. until i read the story about how silk came to be. Turns out the wife of the yellow emperor was the one who found silk. The story was that she was having a cup of tea and a cocoon fell in the tea , she unwrapped it thats how she found silt. Who knew that silk came from silkworm's cocoon. This is was amazing to me because i thought cocoons were useless. This is my Student choice for Ancient China.