Teaching Persuasive Writing

Strategies for K-8

Why Persuasion?

Research shows that persuasive writing is one of the most difficult types of texts for students to learn to write as this skills develops slowly. This is because it is often complicated for students to be able to attend to their specific audience when writing persuasively. We use persuasion in our every day lives and it is an important skill identified in the Common Core State Standards that our students need to know.

Strategies for Younger Writers

Other Persuasive Writing Resources

Article: "Gradually Releasing Responsibility to Students Writing Persuasive Text"
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Dr. Angela Wiseman

Associate Professor, Literacy Education

Angela Wiseman is a scholar in the field of literacy education with a research agenda that has focused on understanding classroom practices that promote an expanded view of literacy learning through multimodal, sociocultural and transactional theories of literacy. Dr. Wiseman’s teaching and research have been guided by the concepts of social justice and the importance of recognizing students’ “funds of knowledge.” As a former elementary school teacher and reading specialist, her understanding of literacy learning is grounded in her classroom experiences and interactions with students in diverse urban and suburban settings.

Meredith Mason

Undergraduate Student, North Carolina State University

Meredith is a junior at North Carolina State University studying Elementary Education. Meredith is a member of the Park Scholarships Class of 2017 and is actively involved in Student Government, the College of Education, and the Panhellenic Association. Meredith has a great interest in studying literacy education and hopes to teach upper elementary after graduation.