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Kahoot! is a fun and engaging online activity that allows teachers to create quick game based reviews. Students will love the colors, sounds, and the competitiveness. The faster you answer the question, the more points you will receive. Works with smartphones, iPads, and computers.

To create an account, go to

Let's play!

Using your smartphone, iPad, or laptop, go to Watch my screen for the Game Pin!


Plickers is a great QR Code activity where you assign a specific code to one student and the code can be turned to use as four different answer choices. Use your smartphone or iPad with the Plickers App to scan the room and record student responses in real time.

Print and Assign

Print and assign the cards to the students. Create your questions in your library. Ask the question, have students display their card and scan the room. In a matter of seconds you have gathered your data. Let's see how it works. is an interactive flyer, blog, or online poster. It is easy to design and set up. If you need to create a class newsletter, class page, or have your students design a project as a group, this would be an easy way for them to share their creation.

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