Goal Poster - Health

By Clay Lankford

Goal: Create a Video Game

Ever since I was really little I've loved playing video games. I want to make my own video game, but there is a lot of stuff I have to do to achieve my goal.

Steps to reach my goal

Step One: Finish High School

My first short term is to finish High School of course to get to bigger and better choices in life.

Step Two: Go to College.

Next, I would have to go to college. I don't know what colleges that I would go to yet. I would have to major in Game Programming.

Step Three: Find a Good Job!

I can't just really get out of schooling and just work on my first game. I will need a good sum of startup funds, and before I can start raising money for the game development... I have to pay my bills, apartment, and save up my money before I even propose my ideas. There is quite few jobs out there for big game industries.

Step Four: Evenly Create a Game

It can be a long time, before you can even publish a game. So I will have take my time had have a lot of luck.

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