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Week of March 28, 2016

GOCSD Innovation Summit: Presenters Needed!

Presenter Information

Greater Ozarks Cooperating School District's Innovation Summit 2016 is just a few months away-June 1&2- and we are eager to hear what kinds of ideas are innovating in your classroom! Please read the attached Proposal Guidelines and complete the Call for Proposals form by April 15th.

YOU have so much to share and you may not even realize it! HERE are some suggestions of what you may consider for a 50-minute presentation to fellow educators from around the Ozarks. Let's represent Reeds Spring School District as a leader in 1:1 and innovative practices!

Using Canvas Commons: Be Careful!

If you pull content in from Canvas Commons to a course that is shared with students be aware that there could be hidden links or apps in the content. Always preview the content before making it public. The image below shows a link to a video chat room that was brought in from content; and not a site where we would encourage our students to explore.

Remember that you can delete any part of what you pull in from Commons.

Big image