Tech Tip #8 - Movenote

September 25, 2014 - BEST District


Ever wanted to have students practice their presentation skills? Ever considered a blended or flipped learning environment? Movenote will allow you to do this and so much more. Simply upload a file, click record, and create a short tutorial as you go through your file. Piece of cake!

Step 1 - Add Slides

Either from your computer or from Google Drive, upload a file to Movenote. A Google Presentation would work great here.
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Step 2 - Record

Once your file loads, you are ready to record your tutorial to coincide with the file you uploaded.
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Step 3 - Finalize and Send Out

Once you are finished speaking and navigating through your slides, click Save & preview. You can preview your presentation and keep it, or chuck it and start over. If you choose to keep it, sharing a link to this Movenote is a piece of cake!
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Bright Bytes Survey for Grades 3-12

For information regarding this survey please visit - iCats Page and this link.

Daniel Watson, eLearning Coach

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