A Christmas Carol

An article review on a Christmas Carol play!


A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a book and a play about a man named Scrooge who doesn't like giving to people, this article is a review on the play. A Christmas Carol was a fabulous play, it had beautiful music, cooky outfits and a couple of jump scares. Firstly the music and clothing clearly set the time of when the play took place because they were very old style fancy and kind of folktale like. During the play there was a favorite part of mine and that was when all the courageous people were prancing on stage and kissing under the mistletoe during the celebration. Over all I thought the play was absolutely amazing and I definitely think that anyone and everyone should see this performance by the Guthrie theater they truly did an amazing job


A sacrifice from Scrooge is when he gave away his money at the end of this the book and play. This is a sacrifice because he worked so hard tiger that money over they warrant now he's giving it all away to the less fortunate. A sacrifice I've made in my life is when I gave you lunch to my friend who didn't have a lunch and I didn't end up eating that day but my friend did.