Jena Livesay

#1 I'm left handed.

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#2 I love Crash Course and Other YouTubers who think deep thoughts.

This is a picture where John and Hank Green talk about how the world will diffinantly end, as well as the universe. John, in particular talks about how energy can neither be created or destroyed, so we will never "die" per say. We will just be a little less organized. Then goes on to say how we are the universe, we are experiencing it, and we are a small part in a bigger picture. (That't also what Danisnotonfire discusses in his videos a lot).

Knowing and learning this kind of stuff brings me to the realization everything matters, but nothing matters. Usually I just go watch reality TV after I have thoughts like these.

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#3 I like ancient history.

I think it's just interesting, and it's kind of sad how most people refuse to learn about anything that does not affect them. Even though everything in a way, affects everything else.
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#4 I like reading.

I used to use reading as a way to get away from reality. Now I don't really need to go into fantasy worlds, because this one is pretty great. But I still enjoy reading.
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#5 I enjoy sports

I needed something to call me own, because my love for writing and drawing was deteriorating. I also noticed all my friends seemed to have something that they generally enjoyed and called "theirs". I wanted that too.

Being creative is also becoming harder for me. I don't see things like I used to, I just see things for what they are. I don't know whether it's just me growing up, or if the way I think has changed.