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Location, Population, and land area

There are 63, 819, 460 people that live in France and the land area is 260, 558 square miles. France lies on the western edge of the European continent. A picture of the map of France is included.

Religions practiced and language spoken

The language spoken in France is French. Religions practiced in France are 83% to 88% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant, Calvinist, and Lutheron, 1% Jewish, and 7% to 8% are Muslims.

Here are a few pictures of France

Crops and climate

Beef, wine, wheat, sugar, and fruit are exported and produced in France. Some of the delicious fruits produced are cherries, pears, apples, and peaches. The climate in France is usually cool winters and mild summers, but mild winters and hot summers along the Medeteranian Sea, beetween Italy and Spain.


The government in France is republic. Republic government is usually when the place has a president.

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Environmental Issues/Concerns

Listed below are a few environmental issues in France to know about:

  • Acid Rain which is when rain mixes with harmful materials and falls looking like normal rain
  • Water Pollution
  • Air pollution from vehicles

Where people live and popular jobs

3/4 of people live in cities and towns, but living in the city is expensive! Some popular jobs in France are artists, lawyers, doctors, fashion designers, and pilots. There are many others, of course, but those are just a few of them.

Main attractions and places to see

On this flyer you will see 3 pictures of different places. They are the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Pyramid, and Arc de Triumph. These are great sites to see, and breathtakingly beautiful. These are the 3 main places to go while in France.