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Aztec culture

  • There were the two types of classes, the noble class and the common people.
  • the noble class would have leadership, wealth, allowed to enjoy works or art pieces.
  • the higher level of noble class was called the Pilli
  • Pilli classes would hold high positions in government or military.
  • the Pilli classes were passed down from generations.
  • The common people were farmers, merchants, artisans. They had occupation to be an athlete witch they played a game call Oulama.
  • The Aztec life wad heavily driven by religion.

Everyday Life in the Aztec world.

  • Great wealth was available to all in general.
  • People lived mostly in abodbe homes.
  • One building was for sleeping, cooking, eating, and worship.
  • The next building contained a team bath. It was believed that the bath was important for good health. Aztec doctors Recommended that everyone needs to have steam bath.
  • Noble class houses were bigger and more decorated than others.

Aztec religion.

  • Aztec people worshiped over thousand gods.
  • they believed the world was flat.
  • the believe in 13 heavens and 9 hells.
  • they believed they always had to believe the gods countinuiosuly.
  • Aztecs would conquer other people and use their captives for human sacrifice.
  • Aztec strongly believed in the after life.
  • A warrior who died in battle or a women who died in child birth went to the sun god.