My Chore Poem

By Sid Muppalla

Chore Poem

A greedy boy, Sid Muppalla.

He would only wash the dishes for moolah.

But even though he worked for wage,

he still felt like he was stuck in a cage.

However, his gluttony

was as large as a company,

so when his parents cut off his source of money,

he thought their hopes of him continuing were just plain funny.

Even when the room stank with flies and fries,

his stubbornness just stared on with cold eyes.

Eventually the handful turned into a landfill,

and Sid and his parents were at a standstill.

Finally, his parents' harsh words of truth broke in,

and he got out a bin, ready to repent for his sin.

He was a flash as he scaled the mountain of trash,

but in the end, he fell with a resounding "CRASH!"

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