Inspiration Comes in many Forms

The story of Dr. Arthur Mazzier


Not many people can say they earned 4 degrees at the University of Illinois. Nor can they say they can teach fly fishing and entomology. This is the story on how my grandfather came upon his oral surgery and fly fishing career and hobbie, I hope you enjoy!

Bad day at the Orthodontist's

This is my recollection of my grandfather telling me about his time in medical school. Back when my grandfather was back in medical school, they used to take people who got free oral surgery but it was by the students. One woman who needed to have a procedure so she went to the University of Illinois. The person in charge of carrying out the operation Arthur Mazzier also my grandfather. Later in the procedure after the anesthetic was applied my grandfather went to go use the bone drill. He told me it was his preferred instrument in this case. Except his professor who is a very credible professor said “Art put the bone drill down and use the chisel.” So my grandfather did what he was told and on first strike with the chisel he heard a cracking noise. Turned out the chisel cracked her jaw, whoops. The professor came over and inspected it and decided that the bone drill was a better option after the cracked jaw. Therefore my grandfather set her jaw and finished the previous operation. The sad part was they did not even tell her they broke her jaw.

And the Award goes too...

I would like to give the over achiever award to Dr. Arthur Mazzier. He has accomplished the most with earning 4 degrees, setting up a successful practice and is able to teach fly fishing and entomology. Just looking back on all those times that we went fishing and all those Cubs games we went to. Those were the good times and I hope we can have more of those good times. Thanks Pop for showing me and my brother a good time every time we came out and for all the love you showed us, so thank you.