Kingdom of Cambodia

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The government is the Prime Minister Norodom Sihamoni The current ruler is the monarchy.


In Cambodia there is more than 14 millon people in the country and city.

Interesting facts

How big is this country?

How big is this country

Cambodia is 69,898 sq mi.

Natural resouces

The workers in cambodia Dig for rubies and sapphires. The main resources are rice, rubber and fish.

Belief system

The most common belief is buddhism and hindu.


They say that Cambodia is shaped like a rice bowl. But to me it looks like a many different capitals and major cities.

Capital City

The capital city is Phnom Penh.


THe climate in Cambodia changes all the time every month.


The citizens of Cambodia are called Khmers.


The most spoken languages are Khmer,English and French.

Flag symbols

The symbol on the cambodian flag is the Angkor Wat temple.


The borders of Cambodia are Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

National dance

The national dances are beautiful. So relax and enjoy this performance.
Khmer traditional dance - "Sovan Macha" Mermaid & Hanuman

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