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September 24, 2021

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KAES Lois Mikesell Family Crisis Fund

This week has been hard as we said goodbye to a friend and colleague. Lois requested that no service or memorial be held in her memory so instead, a crisis fund has been set up in her name. Lois did so much to help people in need and it is believed that this fund will carry on the good works that she was so involved in. Many of you have been asking what you can do. Giving to this fund is a wonderful way to show your love. This crisis fund is designed to support those families that experience crisis while trying to put their children through Christian education. The Lois Mikesell Family Crisis Fund has been set up in partnership with the Keene Church so funds can be given to through the Keene Church or KAES.

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Go Sean! Go Sean!! Go Sean!!!

Today was the day when all the Determination Cycle Riders arrived in Keene on their way to North Dallas. As the riders came into the CTA parking lot the cheering erupted. You could hear "Go Sean!" being chanted in rhythm. Once Sean got off his bike, students swarmed him cheering and seeking his autograph. Special thanks to CTA for providing the pizza and watermelon. Today the cyclists complete their ride of over 800 miles.

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Got germs? Not for long.

A special thanks to Mrs. Howard, executive director of Prospera Panama for hosting yesterday's bubble fest. Students learned all about germs and how soap works to get rid of them when we wash our hands. They also got to watch a skit showing how germs travel from person to person. Students learned the 6 steps of hand washing and when we should wash hands. The real fun was when students got to practice washing their hands. The fun continued as the students practiced making large bubbles, bouncing in the bounce house, playing in the sprinkler, finger painting, using the bubble ball and running in the hamster wheel. Once tired, students could wander over to the table and get watermelon provided by CTA. It was a very educational day and lots of fun.

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Dr. Erin Maloney teaching kids about the heart.

This week our PreSchool and PreKindergarten classes had a special presenter, Dr. Erin Maloney. She talked with students about the heart and how it works. Students even got a chance to look at and hold a large model of the heart.
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Raise Craze: One week count down!!

Wow, KAES! You are rocking this fundraiser!! There is still one more week. So don't delay if you haven't signed up. And if you have signed up, be sure to send out your emails and log your AOKs. Next week we will also be working on some school wide AOKs. So be sure to log those once you've participated.

Friday T-Shirts

If you still need a Friday shirt, please let the office know what size you need so that we can get one for your child. Parent shirts and extra shirts will be available for $12.
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Don't Forget about our Shoe Drive: August 9 - October 8, 2021

We are still in the hunt for used shoes. We're collecting gently worn, used and new shoes to raise money for playground equipment for the Middle School. Not only do you help us, but the shoes also get a second life with those in need. It's a double donation!

Lunch Menu: September 27 - Oct. 1

Lunch order is to be placed with the homeroom teacher each day. $4.25 small $5.00 large

Monday - Lasagna, garlic bread, salad bowl and juice

Tuesday - Bean and cheese or potato and chorizo burrito, rice, salad and juice or water

Wednesday - Bean and cheese nachos, salad and juice

Thursday - Cheese enchiladas, rice, black beans and juice

Grandparents Day - Hot doge, french fries, mixed vegetables and juice or water

Important Dates To Remember


Oct 8 - End of 1st Quarter

Oct 8 - Early Release Day 12:00pm (no hot lunch and no after school care)

Oct 12 - Start of 2nd Quarter

Oct 12 - Field Trip to Main Stay Farms (PreSchool, PreK and Kindergarten)

Oct 18 - Parent/Teacher Meetings (No School)

Oct 25-29 - Red Ribbon Week

Oct 30 - Music to perform at the Keene Church


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