Post-Secondary Planning Information

Where to begin?

1. Personal interests + career interests = explore career clusters

2. Virtual Job Shadow (Coyonet sign-in) - College Search (filter search by state, major, 2 or 4-year, degree type, test scores, and/or tuition range) GREAT TOOL!!!

3. Search college websites, contact admissions offices

4. Visit campuses if possible (suggested to start this junior year, spring semester)

5. If unable to physically visit, check out virtual tours on websites


  • Apply FALL of senior year (earlier the better to allow time for financial planning)
  • October is College Application Month (apply to 1 ND college using fee waiver)
    We do College App Month @ WHS!
  • STEPS for applying:
  1. Apply on college website (apply button usually on main page)
  2. Send transcripts & immunizations to college (must be official/come from WHS)
    transcript request form
  3. ACT scores must be sent, scores are on high school transcript
    When students register for ACT, can choose which colleges to have scores sent to


  • Williston State College tuition is free for graduates from WHS
  • Requirements (see link below)
  • Steps for free tuition at WSC:
    1. Apply
    2. Send Transcripts & Immunizations: transcript request form
    3. Complete FAFSA: link
    4. Graduate
    5. Send official high school transcript AFTER GRADUATION using transcript request form


Celebrate ALL the places our seniors may work and learn after high school!




Got Accepted Form

Signed with a company to work full-time? Enlisted in the military? Got accepted at a college or university? Fill out the form and see Mrs. Jeannotte!

ACT Test

  • ACT/SAT admissions requirements may be waived (not used)
  • Can choose which colleges to send scores to during registration process
  • But, Math & English scores still matter for college or dual-credit course placement
  • Scores used for scholarship opportunities
  • Take in March of junior year for free, can take anytime during high school, do not need to wait for junior year
  • Pre-ACT used as guide for score ranges on ACT
  • Fee assistance for students on free/reduced lunch (See school counselor for details)

Register to test, practice test links/materials, other test information Next test date is APRIL 17, sign up date is March 12 - take @ WSC

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Pre-ACT & ACT Day

Tuesday, March 2nd, 8:30pm

Williston High School

  • JUNIORS take ACT on Tuesday, March 2 from 8:30-1:00 (return to class period 7-8)
  • GRADES 9-10 take Pre-ACT on Tuesday, March 2 from 8:30-11:00 (go to class periods 4-8)
  • NO testing for seniors - see info below

Senior Post-Secondary Information Day - MARCH 2, 2021

  • Seniors go to Williston State College to learn about opportunities in careers, college, and/or military
  • Topics/Presentations:
  1. TrainND (classes and certifications for workforce)
  2. Williston State College: Admissions, CTE Departments/Tours, Financial Aid/FAFSA Info, Athletics Dept., Dorm tours, etc.
  3. Military - Morgan Axelson with National Guard
  • Seniors are required to attend scheduled session - attendance will be taken
  • Students are able to transport themselves to the college
  • Busing available, please use following link if you need transportation

Senior Day @ WSC Sessions by Last Name

  1. Session 1: Last Name A-G
  2. Session 2: Last Name H-O
  3. Session 3: Last Name P-Z
  4. Report to the Well (gymnasium) before the start time to check in with WHS staff!


Where to start?

  1. If college is a plan or tentative plan, visit College Resources for Parents/Students site
  2. Find out what financial needs are and use resource below to navigate resources
  3. DEAL Student Loan information: click here for financial info based on residency + location of college
  • (loan information, debt calculators, qualifications, apply for loans)
Financial Aid - How It Works

Information about financial aid - grants, scholarships, work-study, and loans


  • You get out what you put in!
  • Scholarship FAQs
  • Scholarship link:
  • External scholarships (not from colleges) - due dates from February 15-April 15,
    1. Some mail in to organizers, some applications on-line
    2. Coyote Foundation - Alumni association, 70 different scholarship opportunities, but only one application needed - DUE March 12th - for seniors ONLY
  • Internal scholarships come from colleges - many due dates are February 1st, but do search on this

Scholarships & Loans

Describe scholarships & loans, differences and things to know!

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Student Loans

  • Bank of ND information: Student Loans
  • Alva J. Field Memorial Trust Student Loan: click here
    1. Applications due semester prior to needing loan - April 1st & November 1st
    2. Loan up to $3,000 per semester on approved applications (interest rate 3%)
  • Other loan opportunities available, be sure to search for student loans for college


  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid
  • Tips
    1. Parents/guardians fill out simultaneously with student
    2. Apply in October of senior year
    3. Use taxes from prior-prior year (Class of 2021 use taxes from 2019)
    4. Select up to 10 schools in application to receive financial information
    5. Can always log back in to FAFSA to select another school
    6. You will get a notification if you completed the application!
  • Financial letters are sent from colleges to students explaining financial information
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