Roosevelt Adopts A Bulldog!

First Annual 8th Grade Competition

Thirty Teams Will Compete By Making A Cardboard Bulldog

Each classroom will divide into 5 teams and be given a Makedo Kit of clips, hinges, and a plastic saw. Each team will design a sketch of a bulldog that is made entirely from cardboard . Students will assign roles and collect needed cardboard and materials. Each bulldog will have a theme and students may use the Makedo Kit paint, paper, cloth material, etc to construct their dog.

"Shark Tank Panel" Will Find Best Bulldog

Each team must convince the Preliminary Shark Tank Panel why their bulldog is the best in design and theme and should represent Roosevelt during the next school year. The bulldog selected by each class's preliminary panel will advance to the Final Elimination. The Final Shark Tank Panel will decide the 2014 winning bulldog that will represent the Class of 2014 and be on display at Roosevelt for the next year.

Examples To Inspire

Guaranteed To Be Innovative, Fun, and Challenging


Bulldog and Sales Pitch Completed by 8:30 on ____
Include the original sketch and materials list
Identify each member and their contributions

Incorporate a Theme

Will your bulldog represent: Humanity, Compassion Counts, Sustainability, High Five Goals, or Green for Good?