By Anthony Castro

Greek Gods: Poseidon
I chose this god because he's been the first Greek god I've known. I also chose him because he is the god of the water. He represents me by how bold he is. He can transform in animals. He can also speak to them and they will do what he asks.
  • Poseidon's roman name is Neptune
  • His mother is Gaea
  • His father is Cronus
  • His children are Thesues, Triton, Polypemus, Belus, Agnenor, Neleus, and Atlas
  • His spouse was Amphritrite
  • Poseidon's nurse was Arne, who was a foal, when he was little.
  • Her mother was transformed into a horse for her protection.
  • He grew up to be the second most powerful Greek god.
  • Poseidon's weapon is a trident.
  • He can make earthquakes with it.
  • He can strike lightning with it too.
  • Poseidon can transform into a stallion an probably other things.
  • Poseidon's spouse is Amphritrite.
  • At one point he desired Demeter.
  • Once he sent a sea monster and a flood to devastate Ethiopia.