November Senior Newsletter

Grandview High School


The purpose of this newsletter is to provide students and parents of the 2014 graduating class information about important senior events, deadlines, trips, etc. We hope to provide more ongoing, real-time information to students and parents throughout the school year. Printed copies of this newsletter will be provided upon request and an email notification will be sent home to parents with a link to access this site. Students will review this during advisory at the beginning of each month. Enjoy!

Upcoming Dates

November 13 - 1/2 Day
November 16 & 23 - Saturday School (Are you in attendance violation?)
November 19 - Progress Reports Issued
November 27 - 29 - Thanksgiving Break
December 9 - 16 - Fall End of Course (EOC) Testing Window
December 14 - ACT!!!
December 16 - 19 - 1st Semester Final Exams

Campus Visits

The following campus visits are scheduled. Please visit the GHS Counseling Office to get a permission slip and information on attending!
Thursday, November 14 - University of Central Missouri (Mrs. Jackson)
Monday, November 18 - Missouri State University (Mrs. Roe)
Friday, January 31 - MCC Business & Tech Center (Mr. Kennedy)
Tuesday, March 4 - University of Missouri (Mrs. Jackson)

A+ Students

For a list of schools that accept A+ funds, click on the link below from the Department of Higher Education!

Wondering about costs to attend to college???

The following is a comparison of tuition and room/board costs for various Missouri institutions. Should cost be your determining course not. But something to consider!

School/Tuition Per Year/Room & Board

University of Missouri/$9,430/$9,116
Missouri State University/$6,908/$7,428
University of Central Missouri/$7,000/$7,300
Northwest MO State University/$7,455/$8,000
University of Missouri Kansas City/$9,400

Interested in College Athletics?

Go see Mr. Doherty in the Counseling Center for more information on NCAA and NAIA!

ACT Frenzy

Our ACT Frenzy Week has come to an end! From the HHS House ACT party, to the A+ ACT Week and all of you who have trekked down to the counseling office this last week- we are sure to have a long list of you testing on December 14th! Remember - 100% participation is expected so if you haven't signed up to test yet, you should be considering the late deadline!

College Application Fair Was a Success!

The GHS College Application Fair was a success! To all of you who applied at one or more of the colleges represented - your current transcripts have been sent and your application fees were waived! You are now waiting on acceptance letters from the schools you applied to - start checking your mail!

So I've Decided on a College...What Now?

There are two very important next steps once you have selected a college and been accepted. The first is to inquire as to whether you qualify for any scholarships provided by the school. This could be academic, athletic, extra-curricular, etc. Peruse the college website to find more info or call an admissions specialist. The second important item is to begin thinking about completing your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This is done early in the second semester. We will begin the process at GHS and then invite parents up to attend our FAFSA Completion Night once they have completed their taxes.